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Dear Friend,
From: Derek Beachler - January, 2017

The question isn't If you can farm gold; anyone can kill mobs over and over again until their mind explodes from insanity.

The Question is truly: Can You Farm Gold FAST?

There's so many "grinds" built into World of Warcraft that the last thing you want to do is grind for gold.

There's a list of other things you could be doing, like Raiding, PvPing, Dueling, Leveling Professions, Leveling a new character, farming tokens for the next piece of gear!

Instead you are frustrated farming for gold the slow way.

Getting Gold should be something you can turn on and off. It should be quicky, and easy, with high impact results.

Right now you can do just that with this invitation. Think about being the "go to guy" in your guild. Being able to help out any guildmate, when the amount of gold you command is endless.

You can do this without focusing on Gold Farming. You will be able to spend less time then you ever have focusing on gold, but get even better results. I know it sounds backwards but hear me out!

As an ex-gold seller, it didn't take me long to figure out how to mass the quickest amount of gold. I supplied gold to players and companies on multiple servers. An order would come through on one of the servers I player on, I log in and fillied it quickly.

How is this possible? Once you begin to look at the auction house as your personal gold reserve, you will begin to see your account flood with gold.

What if you could make 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 150g, 200g in just 5 clicks.

How quickly could the gold just build into your account?

To give you an idea, check out Doomsinger (Mage, Euro Server), he was able to quickly buy his epic flying mount, and still have 14,000 GOLD left over. With that amount of gold, you can do anything you want in the game.

In "Warcraft Riches" we show you exactly how he have managed to do this, and how you can do the same. This is the first ever step-by-step blueprint to magnetizing gold into your account.

This is NOT just a compilation of places to farm or a guide to what items to farm. Any Person who has played the game for more then 2 weeks, and knows about wowhead.com know this information.

The strategy behind "Warcraft Riches" has been tested on multiple servers, from low population to high population, PvP, PvE, RP. It hasn't showed any signs of failure on any of the servers. We did this so you can have the comfort in knowing it will work for you and your server.

The step-by-step process is so easy. There are six steps (YES, only 6!) to follow. Each of them layed out, and explained thoroughly. This includes detailed pictures, to guide you on the right track!

As you can imagine, it wont take you long to complete these six steps. In a dramatically reduced amount of time you can earn 250g, 500g, 800g, 1500g in a day!

This will give you MORE time to play WoW and enjoy it the way you want... only this time your character will be dominant, with any item in the game, any enchant, and any mount to ride!

So join today, and you will see your account begin to grow with gold anytime you need it.

Of course, the quicker you start, the quicker you will be able to see the results. In just a weeks time you can have 6,237g sitting in your account. (This is without even trying). Just check out the case study below, from a complete beginner. He only had ONE character. A lvl 37 Priest.

Some players have actually gotten enough gold that they can get the "un-purchaseable" items in the game. They have purchased their way into guilds for raiding. They pay for raid runs. They have purchased their way into TOP Arena teams to get his Arena gear.

How were they able to afford enough gold to do this? By using a system that gave them the HIGHEST profits in the quickest amount of time. That's exactly what the "Warcraft Riches" system will do for you today.

It's not like Warcraft Riches was made over night, and just "guessing" at what you need to make more gold. This has come from over TWO YEARS of helping players create thousands of gold on their accounts.

This doesn't count all the time I spent MYSELF farming gold.

This is the true beauty of the Warcraft Riches system. The testing and study has all been done for you, all you have to do is take the system and put it into work. Which will only take a few moments.

But that brings me to the most important question anyone should ask..

Although this system was built to work for anyone who uses it, sadly my gold making guide is not for everyone. It does everything BUT farm the gold for you. The only way to get thousands of gold quickly outside of my guide is to purchase it directly from chinese farmers.

This puts your account at risk, and will cost you 10 times the money. (It's actually slower too.. if you count REAL Delivery time)

You will have to put the system to work for you. But this takes a short amount of time and doesn't require much effort. I'm pretty lazy myself, so I like systems that don't really require a lot of effort from me, but make a lot of gold!

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Put our satements to the proof by trying "Gold Without The Grind" Risk free for 30-days. Simply click on the link below, and fill out your information and you will immediately have your copy.

You will be able to download it instantly, so in just a few minutes you can be earning 500-1,500g tonight!


DGMG CoverWell lets take a quick comparison of prices.

At the time of writing this, to buy 5,000g - it would cost you $95-$125. But what happens when that gold is gone?

Originally; Warcraft Riches was being sold for $77.00. The potent strategies, with-in just a few hours you would already have more than 5,000g. So it payed for itself.

Not only that but NOW you have the power to create gold anytime you want it. Apparently gamers agreed because it sold like HOTCAKES. (so much that my webserver crashed a few times from the traffic bombarding my server!)

But YOU don't have to pay $77.00!

For a limited time only, we are practically giving away the entire WR system for only $47.00. But SHHH! Don't let the folks who payed $77 for this know. They might get upset!'

So if you want to make 500-800 GOLD/hour quickly and easily... click here to get started.


"3.5k GOLD W/ Epic Flyer"

"I'm a heavy PvPer, and I never had time to spend getting gold. I always wanted to buy extra potions, scrolls, and other consumables to use in Battlegrounds but I never could afford it.

It's auto-pilot now with some of the cool stuff you give in your guide. I feel bad for all the people I see in battlegrounds now, because I have potions and buffz!"

Actual Testimonial Sent From Customer!
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Check Small I get IMMEDIATE access to the Warcraft Riches System no matter what time it is in the world, and I can start using it with-in minutes.

Check Small If I order today I get the reduced price of $47 instead of the usual price of $77 that so many people happily payed. (SHH! Don't tell the folks who paid $77 for this.. they might get angry!!)

Check Small I get all of the additional bonuses that clearly makes this a No-Brainer complete Gold Farming Package that has ever existed.

Check Small That I am getting secrets directly from an Ex-Gold Seller and that these strategies are 100% exclusive only to those who order now!

Check Small I also get my lifetime subscription to the powerful Warcraft Legion Newsletter, so I can receive time-sensitive strategies that can result in thousands of gold.

Check Small That all of this is backed up by my IRON-CLAD 100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee as explained above.

You are only a few short moments away to inheriting thousands of gold as easy as snapping your fingers.. Click on the link below to access our Secure Order form and get immediate access to Warcraft Riches!

It has never been this easy before to make LARGE sums of gold in nearly no time at all. Over 7,100 other players have used my system. It's your turn to try now! Click here to order so you don't get left out!

Join my system today and you will understand how easy it really is.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I wish you the best.

Happy Farming!

-Derek Beachler

"Admittedly an Eye opener"
Actual Testimonial Sent From Customer!
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"Easy to Understand and Use"
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